Installing / Updating

How do I install / uninstall Mp3 Organizer pro ?
When I download program it asks me to update.
How do I turn off automatic check for updates ?
I want to remove Mp3 Organizer pro from my start menu and registry.



What exactly does Find Mistakes does ?
What is the point of different ticks (red/green) ?
Can I have directory structure based on my album, author, ... ?
Can I get album, author, ... from my directory structure ?
Save as play list group by, does what ?
What is compact database ?
Is there export to excel ?
What can I do to make program faster ?
What is "force maximize list size" in print preview ?



Database not loaded.
Player only plays one file.
Can't modify lyrics.
Every time I play a song title appears on my screen ?
Inactive window turns gray and I don't like it ?
Where is CDDB and why doesn't it work ?



Installing / Updating

How do I install / uninstall Mp3 Organizer pro ?
Mp3 Organizer is self standing application and you don't need to install it. If you wish to uninstall it just remove (delete) main directory.


This shouldn't happen if you have downloaded program directly from download page.


You can turn off this by going to TOOLS, SETTINGS and click on ON STURTUP tab then uncheck CHECK FOR UPDATES.


Removing it from registry will cause it to lose file associations. You can do this by going to TOOLS, SETTINGS and click on ON STURTUP tab then uncheck ether ADD TO START MENU (to remove it from start menu) or REGISTER TYPES ON STARTUP (to cancel file associations).



It searches for human made errors that you would normally overlook. You could easy overlook band name where one file has double letter but all others have only one. Maybe there are some file names that don't fall into your Mp3 file format (artist - song.mp3) and they will be discovered. Or you have different letters some BIG some small and it doesn't look nice. For all this problems you could use this function.


When something goes wrong like you are not able to delete some files, some songs don't exist anymore or there are some ID3 tag errors in them they will be checked with a red cross. You can easily change them to regular ticks by double clicking on ERROR label. This label lies above list and it shows how many errors there are.


Yes you can. You can copy files or move files to this kind of structure just select structure you wish from CHECKED and then (MOVE / COPY) TYPE. You can also create custom structures of your choice.


Well this is really easy, just open info box (double click on list, or right click and press EDIT ID3 TAG), then under author or album select name from dropdown menu.


Save as play list saves whole list into m3u play list. If you wish to group by (author, album, year, ...) that means that all songs belonging to same (author, album, ...) will be in the same list. You will get as many lists as different (authors, albums, years, ...). This is useful if you wish to listen to only one author or music from certain era.


If you work a lot with database (saving, loading, viewing) database gets bigger and un optimized, so it is advisable to compact it once in a while. Under TOOLS then SETTINGS in tab ON STARTUP you can find COMPACT DATABASE settings. If you wish program can automatically compact your database on regularly bases, you just select how often.


There is export to excel, you access it by saving list into format called Microsoft Excel Worksheet and it has extension (*.xls). For more supported formats check features.


We are always trying to improve it by making it faster and better. You can get some extra juice by disabling some of graphical functions. Under TOOLS, SETTINGS on tab called GLOBAL there is a box called GUI settings. Disabling these options will improve program performance on a slower computer.


This option will make larger printable canvas by narrowing down space between lines. It will help you to put more lines on a cover but may look worse. Use it when unable to put all of your songs on one cover.



If your database isn't loaded open "database editor" right click on list and click refresh. If you wish your database to be loaded each time when program starts go under TOOLS then SETTINGS and under STARTUP tab and check LOAD DEFAULT DATABASE checkbox.


You should check some items on list or check all of them then enable PLAY CHECKED ITEMS under PLAYER menu. Now player will only play checked items.


You probably have READ-ONLY enabled. This is enabled by default to prevent you for accidentally changing lyrics.


Go under TOOLS, SETTINGS and click on PLAYER tab in box TITLE ON SCREEN just disable button SHOW PLAYING SONG ON SCREEN. This feature is still in beta phase so don't expect it to work perfectly.


You can disable this by going to TOOLS, SETTINGS under GLOBAL tab disable button DIM UNACTIVE BUTTON in GUI SETTINGS box. Tough this is useful to know in which window you currently are it will make program a little bit slower.


You can find CDDB function under INTERNET and then CDDB FOR AUDIO CD. It only works if you have already added files from audio CD to list and you still have CD in CD-ROM. If you still have problems then maybe your internet connection isn't working properly or you are behind firewall, there is also a chance that your CD is not in the database.