Easy track numbering
Set track numbers for your album by drag and dropping files onto a list and sorting them, it's fast, easy and intuitive. You will never need to manually set each track number again.


Print cover
Printing covers has never been so easy, just select style of printing, type of cover front/back, set title or author or both, draw supporting lines for cutting, or put an image for a cover.
All settings are saved so the next time you can print without setting anything.


Synchronize ID3 v1 and v2 tags

If your ID3-tags are a mess then use this function. It will check which version is missing (v1, v2) and it will fill it with information from the other tag. So if you have some files with v2 tags and some with v1 tags all of them will have both versions.


Lyrics editor
View and edit your lyrics. By default editing is disabled and you will have to enable it if you wish to modiy lyric. You can do that by clicking on check box "read-only". Right clicking on list will enable you to delete rename or even print selected lyric.


Save ID3-tags from list
If you ever made a mistake when fixing ID3 tags and you accidentally changed too much files. You could probably get really mad if you are not able to restore all those ID3 tags. Well this function will do that for you.
As long as you have a list of songs where those unwanted changes were made, you can simply load list and use this function.


Find and save to disc from CD
If you have a list with your favorite songs but you have them scattered around on different CD's, this feature will help you retrieve those songs for you.
Function loops trough your list and searches for songs in your database. When it finds match it will tell you on which CD you have this song. You then just insert CD and song will be copied into pre selected location.


Find mistakes
Mistakes will find all human made errors that you would normally overlook. You could easy overlook band name where one file has double letter but all others have only one. Maybe there are some file names that don't fall into your Mp3 file format (artist - song.mp3, [track] - song.mp3, ...) and they will be discovered. Or you have different letters some BIG some small and it doesn't look nice. All these problems will be discovered by this function and you can then easily correct them.


Compare lists for duplicate songs or check with your database to see if you already have this song. It uses new improved algorithm to recognize similar song names out of file name.


Set higher rating for your favorite songs, it will help you locate them easier.